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What is red? It’s a color, you say. Well, yes, but that doesn’t really explain anything, does it? Okay, it’s a wavelength of light. Yeah, nope. That doesn’t help, either. Red is an experience. A very particular experience. After all, why does that wavelength of light correlate with the particular

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The New Look

The Generalist has a new look! Finally! Ok, ok, it took a little goading on the part of a friend of mine, but here it is. Do let me know if you encounter any problems. I will be tweaking as I discover little issues. Also, there will be new posts

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TV Propaganda

The Discovery networks are really becoming ridiculous.  This even aside from the gratuitous references to “global warming” and “climate change” with the not-so-hidden message that people are the plague of the earth. I’ve gotten somewhat used to that message, really. And if you can stomach the backwards values, the shows can

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Foreign Book Spines

Ever noticed that a lot of non-American book publishers print their book spines upside down? Those of you who read books published by both American and foreign publishers may have noticed that many foreign book spines are upside down. No offense, but they ARE upside down. One would expect that

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Those Speech-writers are Comedians

Edited October 15, 2023 for videos removed from YouTube for “copyright infringement.” Original video links: and This is such a positively priceless blunder, one has to wonder… can it really be a coincidence? For those of you who might not get it, here is the relevant scene from

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A Scary Chart

USA Today is featuring this nice Presidential Approval Tracker that lets  you compare the approval ratings of various presidents during their time in office. I’m not much for polls and approval ratings. I tend to think there is way too much leeway there for propaganda. Nevertheless, it’s sometimes worthwhile to

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Macro? What Macro?

I’ve had this little Canon PowerShot SD850 IS for a little over a year now. I bought this little camera with a particular purpose in mind. I wanted to have a camera with me at all times, especially when I was out for a walk; something lightweight, something so that

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Pumpkins and Pumpkin Soup

Well, I’ve finally done it for this year. I’ve made the pumpkin soup. It’s amazing how much work it is to make the soup when you are cutting up your own pumpkins. The soup itself is actually quite easy. I’ll get right to it. Here’s what I did: 7 lbs

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Lost Site

Recently my website was “lost” by my hosting company. It took them a week to locate and restore it. Needless to say I’ve moved to a new host now. Hopefully there will be no more downtime. This site will remain as is for the time being, but I am in

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