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Everyone is telling me that I’m too angry lately. Frankly, I think they’re not angry enough. Well, their lack of anger is really the result of a lack of understanding. So, I shouldn’t be angry with them, right? After all, they just don’t understand. Yes, but they should understand. Their

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TV Propaganda

The Discovery networks are really becoming ridiculous.  This even aside from the gratuitous references to “global warming” and “climate change” with the not-so-hidden message that people are the plague of the earth. I’ve gotten somewhat used to that message, really. And if you can stomach the backwards values, the shows can

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I really am feeling these days that I am living in a matrix. Not just a system created by elites… a real cosmic joke. The absurdity here of course is that it took a ban on FOX HUNTING for the British people to realize that they wanted their guns back.

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