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First Babies

Yes, spring is here and since I had a post on the first cherry blossoms, I figured why not post on the first babies? Here they are – all eleven of them… and they don’t seem the least bit concerned about global warming! Really this post is just to remind

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Weekly Word: Mallard

Ok, someone recently asked me about this, so I decided a Weekly Word on it might not be a bad idea. A mallard is a species of duck, specifically¬†Anas platyrhynchos. It is the most common species of duck and tends to live in close proximity to man, so if you’ve

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Part of my daily routine includes a walk in the park where I practice being as aware of my surroundings as possible. These are techniques I learned reading Tom Brown Jr.’s nature observation and tracking guides, but is also something that I think comes from just being interested in a

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Macro? What Macro?

I’ve had this little Canon PowerShot SD850 IS for a little over a year now. I bought this little camera with a particular purpose in mind. I wanted to have a camera with me at all times, especially when I was out for a walk; something lightweight, something so that

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Pumpkins and Pumpkin Soup

Well, I’ve finally done it for this year. I’ve made the pumpkin soup. It’s amazing how much work it is to make the soup when you are cutting up your own pumpkins. The soup itself is actually quite easy. I’ll get right to it. Here’s what I did: 7 lbs

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