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What is red? It’s a color, you say. Well, yes, but that doesn’t really explain anything, does it? Okay, it’s a wavelength of light. Yeah, nope. That doesn’t help, either. Red is an experience. A very particular experience. After all, why does that wavelength of light correlate with the particular…

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Thank You, Carbon Dioxide

Gaia: What are you made of? Uomo: Skin and bones and stuff. Gaia: And what are skin and bones and stuff made of? Uomo: Um… cells? Gaia: And what are cells made of? Uomo: Chemicals? Gaia: And what are these chemicals made of? Uomo: I don’t know, lots of things….

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Ego Identity and the Mechanical Universe

This essay was written December 24, 2003 by the late Mitchell Jones (of The Dogs of Capitalism fame). It was originally posted to my old Yahoo group debatepolitics which has not been active for years now, but is still worth poking through if the subject interests you. (The original post…

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