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Ice and Economics

I’m a little behind in my readings in The Freeman, (the Foundation for Economic Education‘s excellent magazine), so if you read it, you may already have already seen this little piece by David J. Hebert. If not I highly recommend it. It’s called Ice and Economics and although it is

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Why “Price Gouging” is Good

It’s 1979 all over again. Well, in more ways than one. But here in the northeast, after Hurricane Sandy, there is a major shortage of gas. People wait in lines for hours only to find out that the gas ran out before they made it a few feet. Fights break

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Against Patents

A few years ago I wrote a letter to the editor of Bioscience Hypotheses, a journal in which, shortly before, I had published an article speculating on the cause of Bee Colony Collapse. One of the reasons I chose that forum for my editorial was that it seemed to me

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Denninger’s House

One of the virtues of being a generalist is the ease with which one can often detect a con. While the specialist examines the bark of a single tree, the generalist sees the forest for the trees. The generalist’s overall knowledge of surrounding area often gives him vital clues, even

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How Low Can It Go?

So, about a week ago I was checking my logs and saw someone typed in the search terms “how low can the dow go”. That sounded like panic to me. ┬áNow, a while back I told you it COULD happen, remember? Well, looking at this chart, it’s sure starting to

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