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Affluent Beggars

I saw them again yesterday. Affluent kids standing at the supermarket exit holding buckets to collect cash from shoppers as they leave the store. The signs that adorn those buckets read “Support [insert name of town or public high school] Crew”… or Football, Soccer, Hockey, or Lacrosse…. Sometimes they want

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Everyone is telling me that I’m too angry lately. Frankly, I think they’re not angry enough. Well, their lack of anger is really the result of a lack of understanding. So, I shouldn’t be angry with them, right? After all, they just don’t understand. Yes, but they should understand. Their

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Forward and Back

As I was working developing a website and blog for a friend’s business, something occurred to me. It was just a minor observation, but one that got me thinking and you might find it interesting. It is something that has probably, at least fleetingly, come to the mind of everyone

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TV Propaganda

The Discovery networks are really becoming ridiculous.  This even aside from the gratuitous references to “global warming” and “climate change” with the not-so-hidden message that people are the plague of the earth. I’ve gotten somewhat used to that message, really. And if you can stomach the backwards values, the shows can

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Foreign Book Spines

Ever noticed that a lot of non-American book publishers print their book spines upside down? Those of you who read books published by both American and foreign publishers may have noticed that many foreign book spines are upside down. No offense, but they ARE upside down. One would expect that

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