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How Low Can It Go?

So, about a week ago I was checking my logs and saw someone typed in the search terms “how low can the dow go”. That sounded like panic to me. ┬áNow, a while back I told you it COULD happen, remember? Well, looking at this chart, it’s sure starting to

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Dow and Gold Side by Side

I found it instructive to look at the stock market (Dow) and gold separately during the previous boom/bust cycles. In the 20’s and 30’s the United States was on a gold standard, meaning the value of a dollar was “tied” to gold. This tie to gold stopped the Federal Reserve

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The Business Cycle

Note: if you are searching for the Austrian Business Cycle and landing here, you might be interested in The Dow/Gold Zoom, which is a chart that shows the Dow Jones Industrial Average priced in gold. This might help you to get an idea where we are in the “cycle”. The

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In any study of economics, it’s important to remember — all prices are ratios. That means that they are always in flux as the values of one or the other or both commodities change, whether one of those commodities is used as money or not. This is, of course, a

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Adjusted World Crude Oil Prices

Just how high is the price of oil? The CPI is a rather suspect inflation indicator, so here are oil prices adjusted for the M3 money supply. As M3 has been discontinued, this chart will no longer be updated. I may consider publishing a version of it using M2 or

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