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Respond to the Moral Error

I like Del Bigtree. His show, The Highwire, and the organization behind it, the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), are educating people and fighting for justice. They’re really doing it. They report on the news, they discuss the issues, they keep the pressure on, and they remain positive about it.

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That’s not religious!

I recently had a short exchange with someone on social media (I try to keep them short) who objected to people using religious exemptions to avoid giving in to bullies who demand they be “vaccinated” or lose their livelihoods. She said they are not really religious. To this I replied

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Leaving The Illusion

I just finished reading Joseph Plummer’s novel Leaving the Illusion. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, once I started reading, I just kept going and finished it in one night. It gave me the feeling of a cross between The Celestine Prophesy and a Philip K. Dick story. The former

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What are rights?

If you live alone on a desert island you have no need of rights. To you, they are meaningless. You do, however, have responsibilities. These are things you must do if you are to continue living. You have no choice in the matter. These rules are inextricably linked to your

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The War Against Independent Contractors

Right now in New Jersey (Bills A5936/S4204) and California a battle is raging over the right to be an independent contractor. That is… to get paid without withholding and all the rules that go along with traditional employment – i.e., to be an individual making your own decisions and negotiating

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The Perils of Guru Worship

I recently found this article in my archives from 2013, but it’s still pretty relevant so I’m publishing it (finally!) Might work for Halloween, too, because when you don’t do your own thinking you start to look like the above pic and you get spider webs in your brain. :-)

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