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Fed Buying Treasuries

Cryptogon is an excellent news site which I highly recommend to anyone who would like his news pre-filtered for importance. In a recent post Cryptogon expresses surprise that the Fed might start buying treasuries. In fact, most of us have been wondering why the Fed HASN’T been buying treasuries, since, in fact, this is what the Fed does

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At this point, it’s worth taking a look at what happened in 1929. If you’re not yet familiar with this chart, let’s just say that you probably will become familiar with it over the next few years. This chart is from Yahoo. Click the image to go to Yahoo’s Finance

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Now THAT’S a crash

A few weeks ago I was worrying over commodities. They had totally crashed (and are still crashing). Friends of mine in the market weren’t worried. All I could think was with gold falling like a rock, the stock market wasn’t going to be long behind. (Dow/Gold Zoom remember?) When the

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Carter Slams Bush on Market Crisis

This is just priceless: From Reuters: BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Former President Jimmy Carter said on Friday the “atrocious economic policies” of the Bush administration had caused the worst global financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Carter told reporters on a stopover in Brussels that “profligate spending,” massive

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The Market Lately

The idea that the government can bail out everybody seems to have given the market a kick. Personally, I think this is a whole lot of frantic short covering related to the attempt by the government to fix the prices of certain securities. In my humble opinion this can only

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