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TV Propaganda

The Discovery networks are really becoming ridiculous.  This even aside from the gratuitous references to “global warming” and “climate change” with the not-so-hidden message that people are the plague of the earth. I’ve gotten somewhat used to that message, really. And if you can stomach the backwards values, the shows can

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Those Speech-writers are Comedians

Edited October 15, 2023 for videos removed from YouTube for “copyright infringement.” Original video links: and This is such a positively priceless blunder, one has to wonder… can it really be a coincidence? For those of you who might not get it, here is the relevant scene from

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Weekly Word: Pince-nez

For years I had seen this particular word in print and never bothered to look it up. Basically, in French it means “pinch nose”. Makes sense, right? From The Oxford Essential Dictionary of Difficult Words: a pair of eyeglasses with a nose clip instead of ear pieces From A Passage to India

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