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If you are worried about what’s going on with gold and silver prices, don’t be. The price decline is the result of leverage and will eventually right itself. The Dow/Gold Zoom is still on track (and today’s bloodbath in the market will right it somewhat). Remember, you haven’t lost a thing. Those who own stocks run of this risk of losing their savings. You don’t. You still have the same number of gold ounces that you had before. Think of this gold price decline in dollars as a temporary rise in the price of goods. If you have dollars, buy some more gold. Dollar cost averaging, while terrible to do with stocks, works beautifully with real commodities like gold.

I’m not sure exactly how this blog will change as I go through the upgrade process. The Dow/Gold Zoom, however, is still being actively updated and posted. It just has a new home. Go to Ride the Gold Bull.

This site will likely become the chart depository.

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