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As I mentioned before, the Generalist is undergoing a big reorganization and upgrade right now. As the upgrade progresses, new sites will be coming online that will explore some of the topics covered here, but in more detail. I recently launched Learning Languages where you can access a nifty tool for hearing the pronunciation of new words as you learn a new language. That website covers American English, Spanish, Italian, French and German. Other languages are possible, too, so if you like the tool, but I don’t include the language you’re learning, post a comment here and let me know and I’ll see if I can get it.

I’m currently at the intermediate level with Italian and one of the hardest things to do when you’re learning is to begin to actually speak and express your own thoughts in the language. In order to help myself with that task, I started a diary in Italian where I write whatever comes to my mind. I also try to do transcriptions of things I hear, or translations of pieces that I find difficult. I’ve decided to put my diary online with it in mind that other learners of Italian might find it useful and might offer me some help, too. The site is brand new and it’s called… you guessed it… My Italian Diary! Or more properly, Il mio diario italiano. You can be sure as I progress with Spanish I will want to add Mi diario espaƱol, but that’s a ways down the road yet. For now, if your interested in the Italian language, please check out My Italian Diary and by all means post your own translations or ideas in the comments sections, or if you are a native speaker of Italian, please, please, correct my errors! I know there will be many!

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