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I really am feeling these days that I am living in a matrix. Not just a system created by elites… a real cosmic joke.

The absurdity here of course is that it took a ban on FOX HUNTING for the British people to realize that they wanted their guns back. That anyone EVER accepts the idea that banning guns will reduce crime is just amazing. A little deductive reasoning will tell you that it won’t. It’s easier reasoning than most geometry problems. The politicians are not banning guns to reduce crime and then discovering that it doesn’t work. It was never their intention to REDUCE crime at all. The intention is to INCREASE the ability to commit crime – especially for a particular brand of criminals – who are somehow never noticed.

I used to love Court TV. I learned a lot about law and political philosophy from studying cases presented there. But one of the problems with all of these “crime” shows is that they are focused on a really irrelevant brand of criminal. The guy who robs a liquor store is a lightweight. If he kills a few people, he’s STILL a lightweight. Despite all the machinations of a serial killer and his seemingly perverse motives – HE’S a lightweight. The REAL criminals are much bigger and they enslave, torture and kill MILLIONS. But no one ever notices them. The focus is always on the little guy.

The real criminals are the ones who take your guns and tell you it’s for your safety that they do so. Don’t be surprised when it backfires. It was never meant to work. The purpose is to disarm you so that THEY can control you. This is not some grand conspiracy theory. It is simply how the world works. It’s not new, it’s how it has always worked.

Recently I watched a show on the History Channel about the Berlin Wall and all the people who tried to escape from East Germany. The absurdity of keeping people inside a country they simply wanted to leave never entered the heads of the border guards. Those who imagine for one moment that the 2nd Amendment in the United States is meant only for the “armed forces” are less than children – they are zombies.

This topic is not even worth a “Basics” article. If you can say 2+2=4 you have the basic reasoning skills to figure this one out for yourself.

For a good definition of the term “injustice” check out what happened to Tony Martin.

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  1. Joseph K. Brady-Amoon

    21 Jan 2009 - 5:22 pm

    Wow. Lisa, you have a powerful writing voice like Ayn Rand.
    The video was moving. More regular people should see it.

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