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In my studies I often come across words that I have heard before but I do not know the precise definition of. In many cases, the context gives me a good idea, but I find that even with words that I am very familiar with and use in my own speech, it’s worth looking up the definition, especially when the word is used in an unfamiliar context. For that reason, I started a little notebook into which I put these new words. I also bought a small dictionary called The Oxford Essential Dictionary of Difficult Words that I carry in my pack with me. It doesn’t have every word that I look for, but it has most of them and it’s relatively small for carrying.

It occurred to me that if I don’t know these words, probably there are others who don’t too. So I’m going to share my new words, including a sentence or so from the book I’m reading, probably about once a week. I hope you enjoy this new series. By all means, if you have other examples, please post them in the comments section.

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