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Why The Universe Tends Towards Supreme Beings

From my high school years to the years I spent at Rutgers University studying biology, I have been told that “evolution has no direction.” At first, I accepted this notion, although I always felt that there was something wrong with it. While it’s true that beings do not evolve to a specific end, they most certainly tend in a direction. No creatures can ever be said to “devolve”. A single celled organism evolves to a multi-celled organism – the reverse never happens. But it is not simply complexity that increases over time. Complexity could theoretically be lost – if such complexity did not increase the organism’s overall power. Certain powers may be lost, too, but such losses will always be matched by a gain elsewhere. This is my reasoning, anyway, for believing that despite the depressing assumptions that everywhere entropy is increasing – life in the universe in fact tends towards supreme beings.

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