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Does it Matter Who Gets Elected Part Two

Back in January I wrote a post about how it matters who gets elected even when that person is a liar or is powerless to change anything, because it tells you something about the philosophy and the maturity of the people who vote.

The video I posted a few days before the election where Mark Dice convinces various people that the election has already taken place (and who flat out lie about having voted, btw) made me realize that you can take this concept further and actually divide people into levels based upon who they vote for.

Now, both the Republicans and Democrats spout socialist crap. Both focus on non-issues, like gay marriage or abortion (hey, sex sells), both are pro-war, and both will lead the country along essentially the same agenda. But it occurred to me that Mark Dice was, in that video, in a sea of Democrats. This simply because I know that had he bumped into a Republican, they would have known right away that the election had not taken place. Now, why is that?

It is largely because Democrat is the default political party. In other words, if you don’t know anything at all about politics, or you aren’t really interested, you will imagine yourself a Democrat. This is because the media that the most ignorant among us happen to consume is overwhelmingly slanted to that view. Hence, as your maturity level and knowledge of the world improves (if it ever does), you will inevitably become something else.

The default something else is Republican. This is for two reasons. One, it is generally considered the opposite position and two, it is imagined to be supporting generally more economic freedom. As people grow up, they start earning a living and hence start paying taxes. The more productive they are, the more taxes they pay. They start to realize that the money comes from them. So, we can say, that while Democrats are hardly productive at all (they tend to be children and old people) at least Republicans are economically productive. So, if you are Republican you’ve definitely taken a step up.

At the next level are the various third parties. All of those are pretty much the same as Democrat or Republican but with some pet issue they are obsessed with. A Democrat with an environmental obsession might be a Green for example. A Republican who has just discovered the Constitution might choose the Constitution party and so on.

The Libertarian party is the party you choose once you’ve graduated to understanding that there is an ideal. You are at the highest level you can be at and still be a member of a political party.

At the truly highest level one can achieve, though, a person begins to realize that there is no ultimate guru or group. He realizes that he is an individual and he no longer aligns himself with a party at all. He only considers ideas and whether they are true or false, good or evil.

Each of these stages will vote for different candidates (if they vote at all).

So, if the vote is legitimate and a huge number of people vote for a candidate like Ron Paul (whether or not you think he’s for real or could actually achieve anything) you know you have a basically good population of people who are at least investigating the truth.

How many people voted for Ron Paul? Despite the fact that he was no longer a candidate, did anyone write in his name? We’ll probably never know.

But, I think it’s definitely something worth knowing.

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