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The Zombies Have Spoken

Four years ago I happened to be away when the US presidential election was happening. In my hotel room late at night, I flipped on the TV just to see quickly who had won. I will never forget that sinking feeling I had. It was then that it all hit home. Everything I suspected was actually true. It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t just a passing error. It was real. It was true.

The only people who felt like that were people who had a clue. Do I need to show the zombies again? Yeah, why not. Here they are – on their way to the polls:

Zombies on their way to the polls

Now… this is of course assuming that the presidential election isn’t actually fixed. I suspect it is, but it almost doesn’t matter for the sake of this discussion, because people don’t even question that such a person could be elected. Not questioning it means they are probably dumb enough to actually vote for such evil.

And I do mean evil.

I well remember the first time I called someone evil for his political views. How could I do that? Isn’t that an ad hominem? Well, no. Because it’s true and I can prove it. Not that I should have to. It should be obvious.

If you ask another man to steal for you, and he does it, you are a thief. If you ask a man to imprison an innocent person and he does it for you, you are a kidnapper. If you ask a man to kill an innocent person for you, you are a murderer. You. The guy who does it for you is, too, but it doesn’t get you off the hook.

In the political world it is a two way street. The Powers That Be know you are stupid. They helped make you that way. They’ve indoctrinated you from the time you were a child. They did it with public school, movies and tv, and lots of other media, like newspapers, books, etc. You, however, have had numerous opportunities to start thinking for yourself. You chose not to do it. Hey, it’s hard. It requires effort. It requires overcoming your fears. It requires reflection. So, they have you. The two of you can work together! They send out the politicians to promise you that they will steal from your neighbor for you. And you, with your moral ineptitude, happily agree. The politicians tell you they will imprison and/or kill your neighbor if he resists this crime committed against him. And you consider that justice. So you tell them, yes, go ahead, steal from my neighbor! And if he resists imprison him! If he resists again, kill him! But all of this is couched in words that sound nice. It sounds like charity, and caring for your fellow man. That it is precisely the opposite, you are too blind to see. So you can deny that you are a lazy, envious, frightened, evil bunch. Take a look at that picture above. That’s you! Can’t you see the resemblance?

I mean, how dumb does a population have to be? Let’s suppose you don’t know a thing about morals and you can’t follow the stealing and killing that this man advocates. You’re that dumb. But you at least know this: A very evil man has attacked the United States of America, killing nearly 3,000 of it’s citizens in the name of Islam. This is the official story. This is the one you’ve accepted. This man is now considered the ultimate villain in all of American history. Yet, you citizens decide to elect to the highest political office a man with a Muslim background and nearly the same name. It doesn’t matter whether you believe this supposed evil man really did it. Or that he did it in the name of Islam. I don’t. The point is that this situation should cause an almost uncontrollable emotional reaction in a person who understood it even on the most rudimentary level. One that could not be overcome with any sort of “logic” about coincidences. And you don’t even have that.

I remember my very first reaction upon seeing his name in the paper. I said to myself “Who the hell is this guy? And how the hell does he imagine he’ll ever get elected with a name like that??” At that time, I was apparently still rather in denial about the spread of the zombie disease.

But there you have it. The Zombies have spoken.

And we still can’t shoot them.

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