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Gun Laws and Rabbits

I’m sooooooo bored.

Honestly. If you are wondering why I don’t write much, this is largely the reason.

That, and the fact that I am a perfectionist writing about deep philosophical issues. But largely, I’m bored.

And the reason is this. After a while you realize that for a lot of people it doesn’t really matter how well you explain something. They are really just rabbits in disguise. Rabbits in the sense that no amount of logic can penetrate their skulls. Rabbits in the sense that reasoning is not really possible. (Ever try to reason with rabbits?)

Let it be known that if you are reading this, this probably doesn’t apply to you. The fact that you found this site in and of itself tells me you’re not a rabbit. Or any other type of rodent. You are human and thinking.

That being said, you probably don’t need another explanation about why laws against gun ownership are a really bad idea and in fact contribute to the kind of violence that happened in Connecticut. You don’t need another argument about how law abiding gun owners defend themselves and others, or how an armed populace defends itself against rogue government. If I were to write another carefully composed argument about all this, you would be bored, too.

There is, however, occasionally (very occasionally), someone who is just starting out. They’ve just fallen out of public school and have realized that they are not rabbits and they have started to think. Sometimes, albeit rarely, they find themselves here. If this is you, you can look at my previous posts about guns (Arm More Grandpas (Gun-Law a priori), Gun-Law a priori Part 2, and Guns) as well as some excellent arguments on the matter that have appeared in The Freeman and at the Mises Institute or on a host of other excellent sites with excellent authors. Do a search. The arguments have all been made. I don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

I’m not in the least surprised of course that after the tragedy in Connecticut, I would find a petition for more gun laws, already with 150,000 signatures, up on the White House’s website. (Something was needed to outshine that petition for Texas’s peaceful secession from the union after all.)

But, really. No argument can be made. Because the people who signed that petition are not people. They are rabbits. (Zombies if you prefer that metaphor, the point being that they cannot be reasoned with.) So why write? Why say the same old tired arguments that go over their heads with a loud swoosh. It’s boring.

For fun, you might want to point out that this same horror of yet another school shooting (funny they are always school shootings) is an excellent argument against parents SENDING THEIR KIDS TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS. But, that… that, my friends, is never questioned.

I think the petition OUGHT to read “Make the WHITE HOUSE a GUN FREE ZONE!”┬áIf not, why not? (Ha! You need an argument? YOU make it.)

Just recently I had an argument with a guy who swore to me that 2+2 someday might be 5. (This really happened.) “How do we know?” he asks.

How, indeed.

But for those of you without any question about 2+2, I think you need some catharsis.

Note: There are a few other petitions with a lot less signatures floating around that support the 2nd Amendment. Here’s one, there are others.

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