The Generalist


Everyone is telling me that I’m too angry lately. Frankly, I think they’re not angry enough. Well, their lack of anger is really the result of a lack of understanding. So, I shouldn’t be angry with them, right? After all, they just don’t understand. Yes, but they should understand. Their…

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Why “Price Gouging” is Good

It’s 1979 all over again. Well, in more ways than one. But here in the northeast, after Hurricane Sandy, there is a major shortage of gas. People wait in lines for hours only to find out that the gas ran out before they made it a few feet. Fights break…

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Forward and Back

As I was working developing a website and blog for a friend’s business, something occurred to me. It was just a minor observation, but one that got me thinking and you might find it interesting. It is something that has probably, at least fleetingly, come to the mind of everyone…

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